Brand Ethos

For all to be able to live in harmony and peace
Surrounded by beautiful and practical things
That are affordable
In a zero carbon world

All these elements are important, but the brand driver is to look after our environment and for us to live sustainably. A great deal of time has been spent (cumulatively years) independently researching climate, as the Author wrote his first paper on energy and climate when he was just 19. This research does not involve working with and regurgitating the IPCC reports and the work of others, but rather has sought to understand past climate so as to be able to predict the future. The work and conclusions will be appearing under the ‘Information’ section of this site, culminating in the book which will draw all the work together. It is likely to prove compelling reading, but the conclusion is that the climate is changing and will change – and that this presents humanity with its biggest challenge ever.

The notion that somehow an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050 will solve the problem will shortly be shown to be useless. We need to go all the way to zero carbon in the shortest time possible.

While this might sound both alarmist and unachievable, pretending the reality isn’t coming won’t make it go away, and deferring action makes the task even more difficult. But there is a practical route to this zero carbon world that, together, we can achieve regardless of a frozen and inept political system.

It requires three courses of action:

  1. We reduce the amount of energy we use by as much as possible with a first target of 50%
  2. We generate the energy we need from fully sustainable sources
  3. We manage our consumption so it matches production. Peak supply can be used (or stored) and consumption is reduced during periods of low supply so they always match.

It is not a life to be afraid of, it is one to embrace. The various Tranquility products are all targeting our Ethos


This is the term entering our language that refers to claims made by companies that their products are either environmental, sustainable or ‘eco friendly’ when they are actually either none of these or the selling price is out of all context with any true benefit.

During the course of designing Tranquility, it was astonishing how many products did not pass the Tranquility test, so were not installed as they were subject to Greenwash – see ‘What Not to Install’.

Every product and system installed here was designed or manufactured for the project, and it is the further developed products we are offering.


A pledge: All products will be made in the UK or as close to the UK as possible.

Manufacturing in the developing economies will be avoided because:

  • These have extremely inefficient electricity generating systems. China’s electricity is nearly all made from low grade coal so emits greatly more carbon than our system does. We are trying to get to zero carbon!
  • UK manufacture avoids long distance transport and multiple handling.
  • Manufacturing in a Developing Country pushes economic growth there which increases their consumption of depleting resources. The world needs to reduce consumption not increase it.
  • The UK economy will suffer hugely in the near future if we cannot manufacture what we use. We will need independence.

The Products

The Tranquility Brand is not based on the products themselves, but on our Ethos. If a product fits the ethos then it will be included – if it doesn’t, it will not.

The Brand Objectives

  • Energy products must hugely, not marginally, reduce the energy used and carbon emitted.
  • Products must be financially viable for the purchaser. Would we pay the same price? Does it make economic sense?
  • There must be no big profit in the supply line.Energy products will be priced at ‘Cost of manufacture + a margin’ – not what many would be happy to pay, they must be available to all.
  • There will be no built-in obsolescence. Products will be made for a long lifetime use. We only want to hear back from a purchaser if they need (more) or to buy for others!
  • To minimise the price, products will be brought to market direct from manufacture.
  • All products must be aesthetically pleasing or beautiful, and user friendly.

The Brand Claim

The complete truth will be given for all our products – any negatives will be published along with the positives so you, the customer, can choose the right product for you. No information will ever be held back.

We hope you enjoy your products and feel you have a good deal