Bee Hives Information

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Considering our objective is to work to help our environment in all ways possible; given we have a superb and almost perfectly sustainable raw material; knowing the global bee population is clearly in trouble; that much of the global food supply depends on bees fertilising the plants, and that the global food supply is now limited (and I will argue has gone past sustainable peak) – it isn’t difficult for us to make the jump to produce truly sustainable bee hives. So here they are.

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There are lots of reasons to keep bees – wherever you are or you live – but understanding the problems and issues surrounding bees is surely important. I am so frequently asked “But what can we do to help our world?” Well, more of us could keep bees for a start, which helps everybody.

The three following documents explain the issues and why we are now involved:

The Price List – £’s

Each hive roof will have an arboreal label showing the timber species and the timber’s provenance. As with all else we do, we know where each and every tree comes from and why it was felled.

Lawson Cypress Western Red Cedar Cedar of Lebanon
One initial complete 4 box hive as shown: 249 269 289
Subsequent orders:
Complete 4 box hives 225 245 265
One hive box 32 35 38
Roof 49 52 55
Quilt 16 18 20
Base 32 35 38