Floor topic list

Items related to flooring

Engineered flooring

How environmental is it? – A discussion about engineered flooring, it’s construction and manufacture, environmental impact and use with under-floor heating

The Stiletto Test

A description of the Tranquility hardness testing for timber floor with results.

Under Floor Heating

Can real solid timber floors be laid with Under Floor Heating?

Floor Structures & Tranquility Floors

How to prepare the surface for laying Tranquility wood flooring & how to insulate it.

How to lay a Tranquility floor

This document describes laying the floor itself.

What to Choose

How to choose between timber and carpet, softwood and hardwood – timber floor should last a lifetime, but carpets need to be regularly replaced.

Tranquility Timber

Details how we source the timber for the products

Flooring Product Explanation

An explanation of why Tranquility floors are different from other suppliers and how we source the timber

British Timber Flooring

An introduction to Tranquility flooring, our ethos, the ranges and timber sources