Information topic list

Topics giving information about Tranquility products

Engineered flooring

How environmental is it? – A discussion about engineered flooring, it’s construction and manufacture, environmental impact and use with under-floor heating

Small Timber Items

Chopping boards and other smaller timber items

The Stiletto Test

A description of the Tranquility hardness testing for timber floor with results.

Under Floor Heating

Can real solid timber floors be laid with Under Floor Heating?

Floor Structures & Tranquility Floors

How to prepare the surface for laying Tranquility wood flooring & how to insulate it.

How to lay a Tranquility floor

This document describes laying the floor itself.

What to Choose

How to choose between timber and carpet, softwood and hardwood – timber floor should last a lifetime, but carpets need to be regularly replaced.

Tranquility Timber

Details how we source the timber for the products

Story of a Tree

Part 1 of the story of a tree – a Westonbirt Pinus radiata – Monterey Pine

Limited Edition Tables

A Limited Edition set of Tranquility tables from A Westonbirt Pinus radiata – Monterey Pine