Information topic list

Topics giving information about Tranquility products

Warré Hives

A description of the Warré hives now offered by Tranquility

Bee Hives Information

Introduction to the Warré Bee Hives manufactured and supplied by Tranquility

Timber Finishing Oils

Information about the Timber Finishing Oils from OSMO UK selected by Tranquility

Tables Price List

Generic Price list for Tranquility Timber Tables

British Timber Tables

A description of Tranquility British Timber tables, the species available and why a Tranquility table is so special

Flooring Product Explanation

An explanation of why Tranquility floors are different from other suppliers and how we source the timber

British Timber Flooring

An introduction to Tranquility flooring, our ethos, the ranges and timber sources

Brand Ethos

For all to be able to live in harmony and peace surrounded by beautiful and practical things that are affordable in a zero carbon world

Tranquility Products

Introduction to Tranquility Products