Timber Finishing Oils

Osmo Finishing Oils from OSMO UK - Product Information

We have chosen to supply OSMO timber finishing oils as the timber finishing product as we cannot find anything better and I have used this product for more than 20 years. In fact I was one of the first people to use it when it was first imported into the UK.
Most importantly they have Ethical Accreditation from the Ethical Company Organisation. A quote from their web site:
The aim of Osmo UK is to be as environmentally friendly and ecologically sound as possible“.

It is extremely important that internal timber products are finished with micro-porous products, which means they are totally waterproof but can breathe – and moisture that gets anywhere can gently breathe out again. Varnishes seal the timber and should never be used. Timber finished with OSMO will take a lot of liquid abuse, so spills shouldn’t ever spoil it, but please don’t leave red wine, blackcurrant juice or lemon juice hanging about.

It would be terrific to have a water based product which would remove the solvents, but having tried several we cannot find any to match the finish the OSMO PolyxOil gives. And if we have all gone to great lengths to produce a great timber product – why not finish it as well as you can. Given a 2½ litre can covers about 30m2 with the two coats, the amount of solvent involved (and the German and EU standards for environmental products are met) is very small indeed.

We are often asked how long before re-coating is needed? Up to you and the wear you give the floor, but feathering another coat on maybe after 5 to 8 years is sensible. The existing coats do not need to be removed. All that is needed is to lightly abrade the surface to make sure the floor is clean.
The two products we currently offer are the Satin Matt clear and Matt clear, and the Matt is very matt. Two coats are ideally needed – three are really not necessary unless you are going to give the floor some grief. In some instances where we want the finish to be very natural we have just used one coat, but that is mostly where the timber is aromatic and we want as much wonderful scent to come through as possible.

The instructions are of course on the tin (and the OSMO web site) but do not apply too liberally! There should not be any ‘puddles’ left to dry. Then relax and enjoy your floors.