A project reducing our impact on the planet and providing
sustainable, comfortable, inexpensive living through ultra low energy.


Design Logic


Energy measurements for this project are gross figures, before any renewably generated power is taken into account.


- We assume we want a 5% return on our investment in energy-saving solutions


- We assume a price of 8p/kWh for Tranquility’s calculations


- In all cases we try to understand the complete energy balance of any option


- Where possible we should try to minimise the total environmental cost




Zero Carbon
Tranquility Project










To create a true zero carbon building, all energy must be generated from a renewable or a zero carbon source – preferably onsite, but the more energy efficient the building is, the less energy needs to be generated. Plans are afoot to make the Tranquility model ‘negative’ carbon (better than zero carbon). We think we can achieve this by lifting the premium build cost by less than 1% more, to 6.5%.


Mike Hillard, a pioneering environmental architect and designer and winner of numerous awards, has designed Tranquility, a stunningly beautiful four bedroom luxury eco-house made of Cotswold stone, whose total annual energy costs amount to less than £150 or $320 per annum (figures validated by Government Offices).

Living For The Future explains how we are facing total environmental catastrophe. Even the most pessimistic calculations of climate change are way out of the frame. Global Warming is happening on a far greater scale and far more quickly than we could ever have imagined. This book discusses buildings for the future based on the design principles used in Tranquility – how to be comfortable, save energy and save money. More
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