A project reducing our impact on the planet and providing
sustainable, comfortable, inexpensive living through ultra low energy.


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Do you have Full Planning Permission?

Do you wish to change your plans and build a Tranquility House?

Do you need an architect?

Contact our planning and architectural department on design@tranquilityhouses.com for Licence Prices

Are you the architect?

Do you wish to use our architectural services?

Email us at design@tranquilityhouses.com with the size of your plot, house and any obvious eco designs/systems that have been detailed and tell us your thoughts and ideas as to why you'd like to have it changed

Do you want guidance - consultation?

Email us and tell us what you are looking for

Email us at design@tranquilityhouses.com and tell us your plans in full and what you are trying to achieve

Do you have Outline Planning Permission?


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