British Timber Tables

The sourcing of the timber for tables is of course the same as for the flooring and the other timber products we will release as we move further into production. Tables will logically have chairs! So for the sourcing information see Tranquility Timber

Tables are being supplied because they are beautiful; people and families use them every day, and while many do not want a floor at any moment in time – many will enjoy a table. Living with Tranquility products is intended to connect us to the earth from which we take every resource we use, and as now over 50% of the global population live in cities isolated from the real world, there is an urgent need for that wider connection. Until we understand where everything comes from and how finite our resources are we are not going to change the way we consume things.

Almost uniquely Tranquility doesn’t want you to replace any product you buy from us – there is no built in obsolescence and there will be no need to replace anything purchased so we have to keep finding new customers and that will be true of everything we make. Unconventional we know but necessary. And unless stated otherwise everything manufactured is, and will continue to be, made in the UK.

Just as with the flooring, we make use of all of each log and discard as little as possible. And as with the flooring, each log even from the same species is likely to be different, so that presents an interesting problem. With Tranquility tables, almost every one will be different, so whereas if you go into a conventional retailer to buy furniture you will get what you see if you order it – the same cannot be true of our tables. In order therefore to give you a sensible choice, we have decided to photograph every table top we make and put them on this web site with a unique number so you can order your personal table and will know exactly what you are going to receive – unless you order before it is made! You have to trust us on the legs and frame but the species will be as described.

There are a number of species where the tables will not be hugely different – for example Sweet Chestnut and clean Sycamore – but for most that will not be true and for some the difference will be great.

We have Douglas Fir (see photo), Sitka Spruce, Sweet Chestnut, Larch, Poplar, Oak, Red oak and spalted Horse Chestnut, but these will be followed by Sycamore and Yew bordered (if it works) with Evergreen Oak. They are being made in 3 standard sizes – 1.5m long which seats 6; 1.95m which seats 8, and 2.4m which seats 10. All are as standard about 900mm wide. Supplies will be limited certainly from the start as it takes time to dry the bigger sections of timber needed for the top but especially for the legs.

There is a Price List which excludes delivery, and the tables with descriptions can be found on The Tables List. Forgive us for not having too many listed yet but we have the timber to make about 35 and more is ready to be being milled.

Above all we want all who own one to love it and enjoy their time using it.

The timber species are:

Species Price Range
Sitka Spruce Picea sitchensis £590 — 740
Larch Larix decidua £590 — 740
Douglas Fir Pseudotsuga menziesii £640 — 790
Poplar Populus nigra ‘betulifolia’ £640 — 790
Sycamore Acer pseudoplatanus £840 — 990
Oak (common) Quercus robur £890 — 1040
Sweet Chestnut Castanea sativa £940 — 1090
Horse Chestnut Aesculus hippocastanum £1040 — 1190