British Timber Flooring

An introduction to Tranquility flooring, our ethos, the ranges and timber sources

Given we source our timber to give the lowest possible carbon cost, most of these floors are actually carbon positive. Everything to do with carbon is complex, but the reality is that most (not all) these logs would have been burnt if we hadn’t taken them as only conventional species have a market. For each log that would have been burnt and now isn’t, the carbon in it is sequestered so long as the timber is still in use. It is carbon positive because the carbon didn’t go into the atmosphere.

Because of the source of our logs – see Tranquility Timber – each is different, so even buying the same species may not produce the exact same look. And as we know almost precisely where each tree grew, we are able to supply an arboreal label with each floor giving the botanical and common names of the species and where it grew. There are not many timber products where this can be done. For those environmentally minded, some of our logs come from certified woodland (FSC or PEFC) but we do not pass that certification on as we argue our products are superior to certified timber as we KNOW our sources.

Taking the timber we do, we necessarily have a large species range which is already over 40 and will surely go above 100 in the not too distant future. We don’t do anything to the timber except make the flooring, so each species is as original. We are sometimes asked for ‘smoked oak’; ‘rustic oak’, ‘antique oak’ etc, but the reality is that for all the flooring products available elsewhere, all the oaks come from 2 species – Quercus robur or the common English Oak, and American White Oak. Everything else comes from a manufacturing process applied to the ‘oak’. There are about 52 different species of oak in the world and we already have 4 of them – robur, ilex, rubra and cerris.

But the large range of rare timbers we handle means when each is sold it is generally gone. When will we get our next Pinus peuce or Abies nordmanniana?

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