What to Choose

Timber v carpets:
From an environmental point of view there isn’t a debate. A timber floor should last for life – so choose carefully – whereas fitted carpets are regularly replaced. The one is sustainable if a good source is used whereas the other isn’t.
From an aesthetic point of view; for possible sound reasons and for a soft look, laying rugs or oriental type carpets on timber floors can provide the best of all worlds, and Tranquility adopts this. In fact Tranquility, with 20 floors, doesn’t have a single fitted carpet and the floor covering in every single room is different. Fitted carpets wear in doorways and areas of heavy use, whereas loose carpets can be turned and moved so never effectively wear out.

Visitors sometimes show surprise that even the bathrooms have timber floors – but so long as it isn’t used as a paddling pool there is no reason why not. Modern finishes are micro porous (they allow water vapour through) so even bathroom floors remain stable and so beautiful.

Also timber floors are very warm underfoot and enhance room decoration which fitted carpets generally do not.

The Hardwoods v the Softwoods:
In most of the world people do not expect to walk around their houses in the same shoes they just wore outside, but strangely in the West we consider we should. Avoiding external shoes indoors is a simple matter when you get used to it, and it allows you to have gorgeous timber floors using all species all over the house.

Because the softwoods generally grow much faster, the annular rings are further apart and there is often a much greater contrast between the summer and winter growth colours which can give a more pronounced pattern to the timber.

Both hard and soft offer a huge range of colours, markings and character features, so choose what you love and remember it will be there for a long time.

Remember land yields so much more useful softwood than hardwood – by about 60:1! – See ‘Product Explanation’.

In the old Soviet countries you would insult the occupier if you moved more than about 2 metres inside the front door with your outside shoes on – there are always house shoes available for visitors there. Outside shoes bring grit which grinds into all our flooring no matter if carpet, and ladies very high heels can do substantial damage to most things, great as they may look.

All timber floors mark up with abuse or heavy use, so if you want yours to remain looking great just respect it and it will reward you handsomely. The boards are solid and 12mm thick so can be sanded down a few times if necessary.

As we are offering species many have never heard of, there is no data for them, so we have a ‘Tranquility Stiletto Hardness test’ which directly compares the hardness of all the flooring we offer. This measures the depth of indention for a significant force applied instantly over a very small area but is shown so the higher the rating the harder the timber.