Tranquility Products

The products already on offer from Tranquility are:

And we are hoping to offer wood burners very soon

Full details and explanations of each product group are on each product group home page, from where all the information we have is available but first a few notes here on the timber.

We start by receiving the felled trees so know where each one grew and why it was felled; we mill them, air dry and then kiln the timber, and make them into the products available on this web site. Our sources are primarily the National Arboretum at Westonbirt; major local private estates (the Duchy of Cornwall is one such); the National Trust; & hopefully soon the Forestry Commission and other known local woodlands. Each tree is tracked from where it grew to the customer so we can supply an arboreal label with each floor and table specifying the botanical and common names of the species, and the trees provenance – exactly where it grew. We are very confident we have the very best provenance of any timber product you can buy. For more information see the Timber Sources page.

The timber in Westonbirt trees travels not more than 50kms from where it grew to where it is ready for delivery as finished product, and we are hoping to radically reduce even this figure in the near future. In contrast rainforest timber will travel in the region of 10,000 to 20,000 kms and even southern European timber can travel the 20,000 kms. This is because many of the production processes are done in China, so the timber can travel to China and back – not that the flooring suppliers will tell you this.